Wednesday, July 22, 2009

You know that feeling you get when your traveling. That you have (generally) moved beyond where people know you and you an be more free (more open?). At least this is me. Not that you hold me back, but still. . .

Hanging out in Cairo is like that, but on 'roids. I assume people will guess Im supposed to be a little different anyway, so if I want to be a little extra friendly thats ok. Who doesnt like friendly? Maybe Im just fighting against stereotypes about Americans. And Egyptians are themselves so friendly and accepting. It feels just right.

But, Ive noticed I tend to try to ratchet it back when I see other (obviously) foreign people. Why? Do I assume they will be more freaked out?

The truth is, i kinda like air drums.

Story; I got off work at 5pm (9am cdt) last night and in the elevator on my way to the ground floor some very excellent Bruce Springsteen came on. Glory Days. I was about to really bust out some killer moves, thinking that the lobby would be empty and if my licks were discovered by the doorman it wasnt a great issue. I was shocked (and the beat was thrown off) by some woman standing at the front desk.

It took me two months to notice there are a half dozen little birdies in cages behind the front desk of my building. Too much ipod.