Saturday, July 28, 2007

I just bought a fan. Most people would have bought theirs a year ago, but Im not always the first on the scene. It has not been a high priority item, and even my selection was haphazard, rushed and probaly inadaqute for my needs. To truely cool a person off, a fan would need to create wind speeds akin to Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Today, it felt as though I wasnt being cooled so much as having a nice warm breeze sweep over me. Great for springtime sunshiney naps, bad for summer time.

I have not done a complete survey of other voleteers, but for me, summer naps are a strange experience. Between 2 and 4pm the town is deathy still. Walking around, you will find doors open and people laying inert on the floor. A cat burgler could wipe out the 74$ of value in this town in about a half hour. I have tried to battle though the afternoon, doing quiet work and keeping down the racket such as playing The Presidents of the United States first album at an appropriate volume. It is hard work unless one is so jazzed on tea and coffee that sleep is impossible. It is a better policy to wake early, be productive when when suns rays are indirect then crash for a very needed afternoon sleep. I have thick heavy dreams now. I never confuse the world of dreams with the real, but the heat keeps me suspended between the two unable to fully enter one or the other. The best policy seems to be to leave some piece of enjoyable work for the midafternoon, as an inducement to clear out the cobwebs and to fuel the rise from the dead on a zombie elixer of stongly sugared green tea.

Somehow my local store got a 194X quarter. Im not sure, but it may be before they took out much of the silver meaning it has some precious metal value. However, the son of the store owner was sad to find out it was only worth 2dh. No trade.

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