Sunday, December 02, 2007

My parents visited my town in early june. Our timeframe was very rushed, and we only spent about 16 hours in town. Most of that time was spent in my house, cooking, sleeping, or just spending a little time together. To be honest, most people in town didnt even know they had visited, which seems to have some odd results now.

I had the following conversation in early September with ladies at the end of my street:

Me: Peace be with you!

Lady: Also with you!

Me: How are you? Your are good?

Lady: Yes, good. You?

Me: Great

Lady: Are your parents in your house?

Me: What? In my house?

Lady: Yes. Parents in your house?

Me: My parents?

Lady: Your parents.

Me: Now?

Lady: Yes. Now.

Friend of Lady: He understands nothing.

Lady: Go to the store and buy your veggies.

Me (silently): They understand nothing.

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